mr. big,mr. big band,mr. big to be with you,mr. big to be with you song,mr big,mr big band,mr big to be with you,mr. big drummer, The MR. BIG Song ‘To Be With You’ Video Hits One Hundred Million Views On YouTube

MR. BIG’s music video for their hit ballad “To Be With You” has surpassed one hundred million views on YouTube

The video, which was directed by Nancy Bennett, was newly restored in 4K and uploaded to YouTube in August 2017.

MR. BIG bassist Billy Sheehan commented on the achievement via social media, saying: “Well well well—MR BIG! Our #1 hit single just hit 100 million views on YouTube. Quite amazing. Having a hit record has been the adventure of a lifetime for myself, Eric [Martin, vocals], Paul [Gilbert, guitar], and ( may he Rest In Peace ) Pat Torpey [drums]. My sincerest gratitude for all who made this possible. We miss you, Pat. So much.”

In a recent interview with YouTube channel Sunshine Cantu, Sheehan was asked who would be taking the place of the late Pat Torpey and sit behind the drum kit for MR. BIG at the band’s upcoming live shows. Sheehan replied: “Well, you have to wait. We will announce it pretty soon.

MR. BIG, we wanna play together again,” he confirmed. “Nothing is really booked yet, but we wanna do a proper farewell — especially having lost our drummer Pat, we would like to give him a tribute on a proper farewell and pay honor to him and his incredible drumming and his contributions to MR. BIG and general musical contributions in so many ways. So we will probably do something this year. Nothing to announce yet.”

Sheehan added: “There will be a drummer. A lot of times, situations like this, the drummer has other things that he’s dealing with, so we can’t necessarily give his name right now until he’s prepared for it to be released. But I guarantee you you’re gonna be very pleased.”

MR. BIG‘s latest album, “Defying Gravity“, was released in 2017 via Wowow Entertainment, Inc. in Japan and Frontiers Music Srl throughout the rest of the world.