Deathcore supergroup THE BIG SIX have undergone a name change and are expected to release new music next week

THE BIG SIX have already had a rather storied history despite never having released any music yet. The group, made up of six notable names from within the deathcore genre was initially announced back in December 2022 and featured the vocalists from ATTILA, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, LORNA SHORE, LEFT TO SUFFER, TRAITORS and INFANT ANNIHILATOR.

Soon after the band was revealed, ATTILA frontman Chris Fronzak vacated the project and was replaced by SPITE vocalist Darius Tehrani. Not long after that, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY vocalist Joe Badolato walked away from the project leaving the sextet without an actual sixth. No replacement for Badolato has been announced as of yet.

Now it seems THE BIG SIX have changed their name to PROJECT: VENGEANCE and have launched a new Instagram account under the new name. This could possibly be due to the group not finding a suitable replacement for Badolato or an attempt to completely rebrand.

Currently, PROJECT: VENGEANCE features LEFT TO SUFFER‘s Taylor Barber, INFANT ANNIHILATOR‘s Dickie Allen, TRAITOR‘s Tyler Shelton, LORNA SHORE‘s Will Ramos and SPITE‘s Darius Tehrani.

In other news, PROJECT: VENGEANCE have said they will be releasing their first single on March 8.

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The previous incarnation of THE BIG SIX