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TED NUGENT Says The Democratic Party Is “A Satanic Cult”

ted nugent covid-19, TED NUGENT Says The Democratic Party Is “A Satanic Cult”

The Motor-city Madman himself Ted Nugent is never one to back away from controversy as the charismatic guitarist is well known as an outspoken conservative who just last December (and quite famously) said that COVID-19 is “not a real pandemic”.

Call it irony or just plain old bad luck, but unfortunately the 72-year-old pro-gun activist would go on to reveal that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in a video that was uploaded to his social media account on April 19, saying that he had never felt so sick in his entire life. Nugent had also said that many people had warned him against announcing his diagnosis due to a potential social backlash.  Well, Ted took an opportunity to address his online trolls, who the musician says are “wishing him death” in a Facebook Live stream which took place yesterday (Monday, April 26).

He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “If you’re on the Ted Nugent Facebook Live right now, you are some great, positive, good people, and we deserve each other. Not to be confused with the Satanic gang who actually celebrates other people’s suffering.

“It’s a very happy day for happy, smart, prioritized people. It’s a very happy day — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; we’ve got that shit down. But you have to know that there is a Satanic cult that is just demonic in their hatred and celebrating — literally celebrating — other people’s suffering. I’m afraid that’s the Democrat party. They are a Satanic cult. They literally throw gasoline on the fire of hurt, pain and suffering. Both literally and figuratively.

“To those of us that live a positive life, isn’t it almost impossible to grasp the level of indecency and soullessness of the Democrat party and this freak president and his gang of America haters,” he continued. “It’s almost impossible to grasp except incrementally we witnessed the culture war metastasize into a cult of Satan. Isn’t it something?

“Can you imagine anyone in your life putting forth any effort or energy to write a letter to someone saying, ‘I hope you die.’ That’s what they’ve been doing to my family.

“The people who hate Ted Nugent, they’re Satanic,” Ted added. “They’ve literally written letters celebrating my Chinese virus and literally hoping that my children and my grandchildren die — in very obscene, vulgar, hateful, demonic terms.”

When Nugent first revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis, he described his symptoms as a “stuffed up head,” body aches and the guitarist claimed that he “literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days.” “I thought I was dying,” he said.