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SUMO CYCO Announce New Album, Check Out New Song ‘Bystander’

sumo cyco bystander, SUMO CYCO Announce New Album, Check Out New Song ‘Bystander’

SUMO CYCO have announced their new album, ‘Initiation’, which is set to arrive on May 7th via Napalm Records. This marks the band’s debut album for the label.

Featuring 11 tracks, the band’s third album is based on the conceptual location of “Cyco City”, similar to their previous albums ‘Lost In Cyco City’ (2014) and ‘Opus Mar’ (2017). The upcoming release “builds upon the theme, its characters, and more specifically, its faction-like ‘gangs.’ Interlaced with infectious heavy metal grooves, pop-perfected hooks, electronic undertones, and a dose of punk flavor, Initiation breaks all the rules while delivering a cohesive yet purely unbridled sonic adventure.”

The band gives us a taste of the new album with their latest single “Bystander.” Kicking off with spacey synth, the song quickly turns into a rager with heavy hitting riffs and Skye Sweetnam’s brutal vocals as she sings “Oh Na Na I Don’t wanna be a Bystander/Watching the world go, Oh my GOD!/I don’t wanna be a Bystander, I don’t wanna be a/BYSTANDER!”

“‘Bystander’ was inspired by the frustration of our lives turning upside down in this pandemic,” frontwoman Sweetnam says about the song. “I felt like instead of living my life, I was now a slave to a screen, watching the world fall apart right before my eyes, totally helpless. The music video depicts my character trapped in a floating house watching news events taking place on TV, and at the same time, right outside my window. This entire video was produced, filmed and edited by Matt and I in our home studio!”

If this is your first introduction to SUMO CYCO, I strongly recommend devouring the first 2 albums as soon as possible.  And the band deliver a live show like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  So whenever this crazy, fucked up world returns to normal, mark it on your “to-do” list.

Watch the video, directed by Sweetnam and filmed by guitarist Matt “MD13” Drake, below.

Pre-order Initiation here.

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