corey taylor,slipknot,corey taylor horror movie,corey taylor horror con,slipknot corey taylor horror, SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR Reveals The Horror Movie That Affected Him So Much He Had To “Pause It And F**kin’ Walk Around”

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor recently discussed his favorite horror moivie of the last ten years

Corey recently took part in a recent Q+A at the The Love Of Horror convention in Manchester, England which saw the SLIPKNOT vocalist asked what his favourite horror movie of the last ten years was.

Hereditary is the one that made me fuckin’ – oh dude – that movie made me sweat through the sheets in my bed,” he replied. “It was so uncomfortable, dude. Me and Alicia [Taylor, Corey’s wife], we’re like, ‘Let’s put a fuckin’ horror movie on,’ right? And we sat and we’re just like [makes shocked expression]. I was like, ‘Oh God!’

“I mean, just the… [infamous ‘neck-slicing’ scene from the movie]. Everybody knows that scene. I was so put off that I had to pause it and fuckin’ walk around, man…It was a trip, dude. That movie – and I loved Midsommar too – but there was something so rad about Hereditary, because to me, I didn’t know shit about it going into it, and by the end I was just like, ‘I can’t un-see any of this. Oh my God.’ I mean, it was that level of holy shit. So that one definitely is right at the top.’”

You can check out the video from the Q+A below. And definitely check out “Hereditary” if you haven’t already. Best watched home alone with the lights out.