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SLIPKNOT’s New Mystery Member Debuts at Nova Rock Festival Following Departure of their Longtime Keyboardist

In a groundbreaking performance at the Nova Rock festival in Austria, SLIPKNOT unveiled their latest addition to the band. This eagerly awaited show marked the first appearance of the mysterious new member, who joined the iconic metal group after the recent departure of their longtime keyboardist, Craig Jones.

Shortly after the band’s official announcement regarding Jones’s exit from the group, the band removed their initial post and surprised fans by sharing a photo of the enigmatic individual presumed to be the replacement. This very same unidentified person took their place behind the keyboards on stage during the electrifying Nova Rock performance.

Notably, the Nova Rock concert witnessed SLIPKNOT‘s revival of two songs after an eight-year hiatus: “The Blister Exists” and “Purity.” Additionally, the band enthralled the audience with a rendition of “Liberate” for the first time since 2016. To everyone’s delight, they also debuted “Yen,” a track from their latest album, “The End, So Far,” which had never been performed live before.

Although no specific reason was provided for Jones’s departure from the group, the band’s history sheds light on his significant contributions. Jones initially joined the group in early 1996, just after they finished recording their demo album, “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” Originally brought in as a replacement for one of the original guitarists, Donnie Steele, he swiftly transitioned into the role of sampling and keyboards, leaving an indelible mark on SLIPKNOT‘s signature sound.

Jones‘ tenure with SLIPKNOT has been a remarkable journey, spanning over two decades. Throughout his time with the band, he played a pivotal role in shaping their unique sonic landscape, contributing his unparalleled talent on keyboards and sampling. His departure marks the end of an era, and fans will forever cherish his artistic contributions to the group’s discography.

As the band continues to evolve, the addition of their new member brings an air of anticipation and intrigue. The band’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering explosive performances ensures that their loyal fanbase will eagerly follow their musical journey, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the SLIPKNOT saga.