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SLIPKNOT Looking At Spring 2022 Release For New Album Says COREY TAYLOR


SLIPKNOT are looking at a March/April 2022 release date for their upcoming seventh studio album according to vocalist Corey Taylor.

Speaking to HardDrive Radio, Taylor said that he still has four songs to complete for the record, saying: “I’m redoing one that I wasn’t happy with” while he also wants to “go back through and do punch-up on anything that I’m just not feeling.”

“The goal right now — and I don’t wanna talk out of turn — the goal is to get it ready for mix [in] January so we can get it out two or three months after,” he added.

SLIPKNOT have been recording the effort in Los Angeles with producer Joe Baresi (AVENGED SEVENFOLD).

“We were able to really kind of pull off something crazy,” Taylor says. “It’s really good; I’m really, really stoked on it. I actually like this one more than I like We Are Not Your Kind, and I loved We Are Not Your Kind.”

“It’s an expansion of where we were at on We Are Not Your Kind,” Corey had stated in July. “This band has always prided itself on expanding boundaries, expanding our musical vision.”

“There’s a couple of songs on here that people are gonna be, like… There’s definitely some pit openers that are gonna fucking freak people out.”

“It’s got the heavy… There’s so many different elements on this one, man, that let’s just say I’m really excited to get the vocals on it. I’ve got all the lyrics written and whatnot. I’m starting to fine-tune everything. It’s gonna be interesting, man.”