terrifier 2,terrifier,terrifier movie,terrifier 2 oscar,terrifier art the clown,art the clown oscar,terrifier academy awards, Slasher Movie TERRIFIER 2 Has Been Submitted For Oscar Consideration, Despite Making Some Movie-Goers Vomit From It’s Gore

It looks like Art The Clown, the star of the Terrifier film franchise, could be slaying the Academy Awards next year

You read that right. According to Screen Crush, the latest, blood-soaked installment, “Terrifier 2”, has been submitted to the Academy for Oscar consideration.

Looking back at the history of horror within the annual awards ceremony, the genre has never really gotten much love, with the odd exception of course. But certainly not in the way of “Slasher” movies that have apparently seen movie-goers puking in the theater due to the film’s extreme gore.

“Terrifier 2” is the second film in the Terrifier franchise, which actually started out as a portion of the anthology film “All Hallows Eve”. The movies feature a mysterious, yet ultra-violent, psychopathic killer dressed in a clown suit and makeup who simply goes by the name of “Art the Clown”.

Due to fan-appeal, “Terrifier 2” managed to get a pretty wide release, despite technically being a small budget horror flick. The latest installment has raked in roughly $8 million dollars thus far at the box office, despite initially being set to only appear at just one movie theater for a single weekend before hitting streaming services. Not bad for a flick that only cost $250,000 to make.