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SINSAENUM Have Found A Replacement For JOEY JORDISON, Singer Gives Album Update

sinsaenum new album, SINSAENUM Have Found A Replacement For JOEY JORDISON, Singer Gives Album Update

SINSAENUM vocalist Sean Zatorsky was recently asked about the progress of the band’s third studio album.

Speaking with Rock Talks, Sean said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We have already written [a lot of the new record]. We still need to work on lyrics and we need to kind of piece the rest of the songs together. So we’re kind of still in that halfway point of having a tangible product and taking it to be mixed and then still needing to write a little bit and put the polishing touches on stuff.”

When asked if SINSAENUM have found a replacement for drummer Joey Jordison, who died last year, Sean said: “We do have a drummer. I can’t really say who — I’m not really allowed, unfortunately — but it is someone that we know… The guy we got’s great… He knows the band and [he’s] a friend, and it’ll just be a perfect combination, from what it sounds like. He’s known Fred [guitarist/bassist Frédéric Leclercq] for a long time, but I know him too. We became friends through mutual people. [He’s] not [in] a super-famous band, but he does in some [other] bands [as well].

“It’s more about just finding someone who will vibe,” Sean explained. “You’re never gonna replace Joey, so looking for the next superstar isn’t necessarily the answer, I think, sometimes. But this guy, he definitely can do the job. I think it’ll be really cool.”

As for the release date for SINSAENUM‘s next record Sean said: “Fred’s in KREATOR right now, so he’s busy just doing a lot of that. I think they just dropped an album. I’m sure they’ll tour. It’ll be, I think, next… We talked about next summer maybe getting together and me flying over to France and kind of staying there, maybe doing some vocals and finalizing parts… It’ll be next year — a year from now. ‘Cause he’s gotta finish his touring cycle and whatnot. That’s just kind of what we were roughly speaking, that I would fly there next summer maybe, or maybe April or May or March — sometime next year, early in the year, middle of the year — and I would go over and we’d finish lyrics and we’d finish vocals and put the finishing touches on stuff.”

When asked if Jordison recorded the drums for the new SINSAENUM album album before his death, Sean said: “No. He started to piece together what would be what. We were messaging him July 14th [of 2021] about the drumming and we started sending him songs literally right then. I think the last time I spoke with Joey was the 20th [of July]. ‘Cause I was talking about some VENTED stuff and how I needed to hire him for an engineer gig. And he was, like, ‘I wanna do the SINSAENUM stuff first.’ So VENTED went to the backburner. And then it was only just a few days later he died. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to do anything. But he did get to hear some of [the songs], so that kind of feels good. He liked what he heard. And it’s so cliché to say, but he definitely is one of those guys that would have been, like, ‘You guys should continue on.’ He bled, shit and slept metal. So if anybody understood, it was him.”

Sean went on to say that “it goes without saying” that the third SINSAENUM album will be dedicated to Jordison. “He touched us all, man — especially me,” he explained. “Him and I got really close those last few months before he passed. So it was sad.”

Joey Jordison‘s family confirmed that he died “peacefully in his sleep” on July 26, 2021 of an unspecified cause.

SLIPKNOT parted ways with drummer Joey Jordison in December 2013 yet did not explain the reason for the split.

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