The designs for the new bronze statues of late RUSH drummer Neil Peart for Lakeside Park in southern Ontario have been revealed.

It was announced back in June of 2020 that a permanent memorial to late RUSH drummer Neil Peart would be erected in the actual Lakeside Park, which is based on the shore of Port Dalhousie, a suburb of St. Catharines in southern Ontario, Canada.

The location was decided based on the late drummer’s lyrics to the classic RUSH song “Lakeside Park“, from the trio’s 1975 studio album “Caress Of Steel”, which was based on Neil’s childhood experiences at the local recreation area.

Morgan MacDonald of The Newfoundland Bronze Foundry has been hired to build two bronze statues orf Neil, one of which features Peart as a young musician, while the second portrays the drummer in his later years. The statues will include melted down metal from some of Peart’s old and damaged cymbals, giving it that extra bit of coolness.

“Our monument and site design concepts are the results of an extensive personality interpretation and expression exercise that ensures meaningful relevance to people, place and legacy,” says MacDonald. “We are proud of this effort and its results.”

“I liken the process to asking a die-hard Rush fan to choose the one song they think exemplifies and captures the true essence of the band,” said David DeRocco, chair of the Neil Peart Commemorative Task Force. who are engaged in a campaign to raise $1 million to complete the work. “How do you choose? The quality of the artist submissions made it very difficult to pick only one.

“There were many incredible elements and ideas presented, but this was about more than Neil the musician. In the end I think fans will be happy with the installation. What we need now is for those same fans to help us reach our fundraising goals so we can get it built.”

“The City of St. Catharines would like to thank the Neil Peart Commemorative Task Force for all of its efforts to date,” said St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik. “I am looking forward to the day we can come together to celebrate the installation.

“Port Dalhousie is a place where Neil spent the formative years in his life, even working at Lakeside Park’s former midway. He learned to play music here, launching his career as a writer and musician who is recognized as one of the best all-time drummers in history.”

Donations can be made directly at the City Of St. Catherines website at this location.