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The legendary JUDAS PRIEST frontman confirms a new album from the band is almost finished

JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford recently sat down with New York radio station Q104.3 and was asked if the band’s upcoming studio album was close to completion. Halford replied (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It is close, yeah. All the writing’s done; the bulk of the recording is done. I’ve still gotta put my vocal tracks down. So, in essence, it’s done, which is a great feeling, because that really points us to the metal future. Everything that we’ve done in PRIEST over the last 50-odd years has been driven by the latest music that we’re making. So this is no exception.

“We’ll finish this 50th-anniversary celebration down in São Paulo, Brazil on December the 18th, and that’ll be this year done,” Rob added. “And then next year we’re kicking off with our good friend Ozzy [Osbourne] in the U.K.; we’ll do some shows with him. And [in the rest of] Europe. And then a few other bits and pieces we’ve got going over in Europe. And then we stop. And then we plan the next release sequence for the next PRIEST album.”

Halford recently relayed to AXS TV what fans can expect from the band’s new record,saying: “The same energy, the same vitality, the same determination, and it really is, again, another affirmation of what you love about JUDAS PRIEST. If you listen to any album from PRIEST from ‘Rocka Rolla‘ in the ’70s up to the 2000s with ‘Firepower‘ and everything that went on between there, whether it was ‘Turbo Lover‘ or whether it was the ‘Painkiller‘ or ‘[You’ve Got] Another Thing Comin”, all of these pinpoints connect the dots of this great 50 years of metal, this journey that we’re on. And it ain’t over yet, folks, because that means another album and another tour. And we can’t wait to keep pouring out the metal, ’cause that turbo power isn’t gonna get turned off anytime soon.”

Rob previously confirmed that the next JUDAS PRIEST album would be once again helmed by “Firepower” producer Andy Sneap along with longtime collaborator Tom Allom and engineer Mike Exeter.