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QUEENSRŸCHE Announce The New Album ‘Digital Noise Alliance’

new queensryche album, QUEENSRŸCHE Announce The New Album ‘Digital Noise Alliance’

QUEENSRŸCHE have announced that “Digital Noise Alliance” will be the title of their new studio album, arriving on October 7 via Century Media Records.

Earlier today (Friday, May 20), QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton shared a short video teaser for the upcoming follow-up to 2019’s “The Verdict“, and he included the following message: “Digital Noise Alliance – October 7, 2022 #Queensryche #DigitalNoiseAlliance #NewAlbum“.

Digital Noise Alliance” was once again helmed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who previously worked with QUEENSRŸCHE on 2015’s “Condition Hüman” and “The Verdict” LPs.

Back in March, QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Todd La Torrespoke with FOX17 Rock & Review about the band’s upcoming studio release: “Each song might have a little different attitude and we wanted to just use real amps and all the vintage, real stuff that was used throughout the history of QUEENSRŸCHE.

“We did all the drums at a place in Clearwater [Florida] — a huge home with the most amazing ceiling for a drum room,” La Torre continued. “So we did all the drums there. And then, really, at my place [in St. Petersburg, Florida], we’re able to track all the guitars, bass and vocals.

“Those days of renting thousand-dollar-a-day studios, we don’t really need that anymore. And our producer Zeuss, who did the last two QUEENSRŸCHE albums — he does all Rob Zombie’s stuff; he’s a very seasoned producer, [and] he does mixing and mastering, so he’s a one-stop shop — he’s down here from Massachusetts. So he’s handling all those duties. And things are going really well. We’re having a great time.”