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POPPY Surprise Releases New EP ‘Eat’ Live On NXT

Poppy wwe nxt, POPPY Surprise Releases New EP ‘Eat’ Live On NXT

POPPY was a special guest on NXT last night (June 8) which caused some trouble between a few WWE Superstars after she surprise-released her new EP, ‘Eat’.

POPPY was welcomed back to her WWE home by NXT founder Triple H and General Manager William Regal. After blowing Triple H’s mind by releasing her new EP at the touch of her iPhone, Poppy received some fan art from NXT Superstar Dexter Lumis. However, this caused some backstage drama, as Lumis’ girlfriend Indi Hartwell freaked out after she walked in on Poppy and Dexter hugging.

Hartwell’s tag team partner Candice LeRae, who called out POPPY last week for stealing her spotlight, continued to berate the musician from inside the NXT ring on last night’s episode. Once POPPY emerged from backstage to confront LeRae, she said, “I don’t wrestle, but I know someone who does.” The lights suddenly dropped and out came the return of former NXT Women’s Champion Io Sharai, who just smoked LeRae after POPPY guided Io to the ring.

You can now stream POPPY’s new, five-song ‘Eat’ EP, which is now part of the official NXT soundtrack. The EP contains the single “EAT,” which she performed live at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Listen to the ‘Eat’ EP below.