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We may not have seen the end of Jason Vorhees with a new Friday The 13th prequel series in development at Peacock

According to Screen Crush, Peacock has announced that they are currently developing a Friday the 13th prequel series dubbed “Crystal Lake“, which is being headed up by Bryan Fuller, the man behind the “Silence of the Lambs” prequel television series “Hannibal“.

Hardcore fans will also be excited to know that original “Friday The 13th” scribe Victor Miller will also be involved in the series, which gives the project that much more weight in the way of all things Vorhees.

Just last year, Miller, who is an executive producer on the show, won a lawsuit against original film director Sean Cunningham which gave him the rights to his original script.

As for what the show will be about remains a mystery, however being that it is a prequel series, there is a distinct possibility that we may not even see Jason Vorhees dicing up camp councilors, as it was his mother, Pamela Vorhees, who was the killer in the first film. It should also be taken into consideration that Jason didn’t don his trademark hockey mask until “Friday The 13th Part 3“, which pretty much stamps out any chance of seeing the crazed killing machine in all his bloody, masked glory. That being said, we may finally get the answer as to why if Jason didn’t in fact drown in Crystal Lake back in 1957, what was he doing all those years before re-emerging in the early 80’s as a psychopathic maniac and why didn’t he simply return to his mother.

As you may recall, this will not be the first Friday the 13th television show as a syndicated TV series aired for three seasons in the late 1980s, which even though it shared longtime “Friday” film producer Frank Mancuso Jr., had absolutely nothing to do with Jason Vorhees or Camp Crystal Lake for that matter.