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On the latest edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST, we are joined by WITCHERY guitarist/founder Patrik Jensen as well as the frontman for Mongolian “folk metal” band THE HU, ‘Gala’

In the first segment, Patrik discusses WITCHERY‘s latest album “Nightside“. The blackened thrash pioneers have once again arisen from the coven to unleash their latest creation which is a foray into wickedness, darkness, and evil that grooves, thrashes and kicks you right in the ass.

The second segment of this week’s show features THE HU frontman “Gala“, who with the help of an interpreter, discusses the band’s latest record, “Rumble Of Thunder“, which is available now.

THE HU is a Mongolian folk metal band who formed back in 2016. With traditional Mongolian instrumentation, including the Morin khuur, the Tovshuur, and Mongolian throat singing, THE HU calls their style of music “hunnu rock”, hu inspired by the Hunnu, an ancient Mongol/Turkic empire, known as Hünnü in Mongolia. 

So tune in via the payer below or wherever you get your podcasts to the latest edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST.

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