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During a recent episode of “Ozzy Speaks” on SiriusXM, Ozzy Osbourne was asked if working with Tony Iommi on a couple tracks on the “Patient Number 9″album opened the door to potential new music from BLACK SABBATH

Ozzy responded: “No, not more BLACK SABBATH. But I wouldn’t say no to do some more with Tony. BLACK SABBATH is a completely different music to what I’m into now.”

Ozzy noted that working with Iommi on the song “Degradation Rules” “was great. I mean, now you don’t have to sit in a room; you can do it over the phone,” he said. “That track would have been a great BLACK SABBATH track on the ‘13‘ album. I wasn’t really in love with that ‘13‘ album.”

When asked if BLACK SABBATH is completely over and done with, Ozzy replied: “Well, it’s kind of, like, how many times do you wanna do the same… it’s the same format, you know? It was very successful for a lot of years, and people wanted to see us. I did that farewell tour. And the only thing about that which was sad [was that original BLACK SABBATH drummer] Bill Ward wasn’t there. But I’ve spoken to Bill since. He’s all right. I would work with any of them individually. But as BLACK SABBATH, I think it’s [over]. We couldn’t really beat what we’ve already done.”

BLACK SABBATH wrapped up their “The End” tour in Birmingham, England in February of 2017, ending the legendary band’s 49-year career.

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