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Own Some Of GODSMACK’s Actual Gear In New Charity Auction

godsmack auction, Own Some Of GODSMACK’s Actual Gear In New Charity Auction

You can now own a piece of GODSMACK history as the band is auctioning off a five-piece green Yamaha maple custom drum kit that was used by frontman Sully Erna during the recording sessions for the band’s 2000 album “Awake”.

The drum set is just one of many GODSMACK instruments that are being auctioned during the 10-day event. Proceeds from the auction will go to The Scars Foundation, which was founded by Erna. All donations made through The Scars Foundation efforts will go to benefit those programs with a proven track record of effectiveness in addressing mental health issues.

“I had always looked for ways to give back and help others in some way after reaching certain levels of success in my life,” Erna said. “But I could never really figure out where to dedicate my time and attention and what was important to me, or where I even had experience to offer. One day, I started thinking about my own life and being a survivor of such an extremely rough inner city and that’s where all my experience was. It was all the battle wounds and scars I’ve carried that made me stronger and made me the man I am today. Instead of being ashamed of my imperfections, or hiding from them, I learned how to embrace them and grow from those experiences. I want to share that with people and lend my stories, my experiences, and my theories on how you can overcome challenging times rather than letting them ruin your life.

“And that’s why The Scars Foundation is so important to me” he continued. “It’s personal. It’s my life. And it’s important that people who struggle with these mental health issues and ‘imperfections,’ or ‘scars,’ as we call them, learn how to embrace them, and show them to the world loudly and proudly!

“I hope the work we do with The Scars Foundation inspires people to come forward and share their stories so that those stories inspire more people to come forward and break the silence and internal struggles.

“Just remember: you’re not alone. And we’re all imperfectly perfect. Just the way we’re supposed to be!”

Here’s the link courtesy of the band’s official Twitter page.