OTEP SHAMAYA has covered the Billie Eilish song “You Should See Me In A Crown”

It’s been nearly five years since the release of OTEP‘s last full-length album, the crushing “Kult 45”, and since then the world has gone to complete…well, let’s just say it’s become the kind of world that desperately needs the band led by singer, poet, illustrator, author and activist Otep Shamaya.

Not only is Shamaya a revered musical figure, known for her intrepid blending of metal genres and hip-hop, as exemplified on her notorious 2002 debut album “Sevas Tra”, but she’s also amassed an enormous following based on her fearless performances and confrontational, spiritually tinged lyrics. It’s that combination of radical artistry and galvanizing message that the world desperately needs now more than ever, and OTEP is ready to answer the call.

Today marks the release of OTEP‘s first new recorded material since 2018, and it may come as a surprise. “You Should See Me In A Crown” was the lead single from the 2018 debut album of another controversial female figure who cut across musical and social norms to carve out an identity all her own. That artist is, of course, Billie Eilish, and OTEP‘s cover version is no mere homage to a young acolyte but rather a radical reimagining of the song that mines all of its dark sonic complexity as well as its bold lyrical message, transforming it into the kind of modern metal epic that nobody does better than OTEP.

As Shamaya herself puts it: “To me the song is a warning against cultural reduction, biased underestimation and the volatile anti-Newtonian reaction of judging someone before you know their true power.”

OTEP‘s latest album, the aforementioned “Kult 45”, was released in 2018.