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New TRAPT Album ‘Shadow Work’ Dropping In June

trapt shadow work, New TRAPT Album ‘Shadow Work’ Dropping In June

TRAPT will release their new album, “Shadow Work”, on June 19 via The Label Group/INgrooves.

The band will drop two new singles, “Make It Out Alive” and “Tell Me How You Really Feel”, on May 15 and a third single, “Far Enough Away”, on May 22. The first three singles will be instant-gratification tracks, along with a Jewel cover, “Save Your Soul”, which is only available when you pre-order the digital album.

TRAPT singer Chris Taylor Brown states: “‘Make It Out Alive’ was the last song written for our new album, ‘Shadow Work’, and I hope it inspires people to never give up.

“Times can get so tough and it can be easy to just want to let go of all the struggle. But I think the struggles we go through define us. Each crisis we go through, staring into an abyss of the unknown, makes us stronger when we come out the other side.

“I know that we will come out stronger, as a country and as a world, through the current crisis we find ourselves battling and every other crisis that comes our way in the future. We always do.”

Formed in 1997 in Los Gatos, California, TRAPT is best known for its chart-topping 2002 single “Headstrong”. The group consists of Chris Taylor Brown, bassist Peter “Pete” Charell, guitarist Brendan Hengle and drummer Adam Prentice. They have released seven studio albums to date: “Amalgamation” (1999), “Trapt” (2002), “Someone In Control” (2005), “Only Through The Pain” (2008), “No Apologies” (2010), “Reborn” (2013) and “DNA” (2016).

“Shadow Work” track listing:

01. Make It Out Alive
02. I Want To Want What I Want
03. Tell Me How You Really Feel
04. Too Little Too Late
05. Far Enough Away
06. Turn Me Around Again
07. Trying Too Hard
08. Let Me Down Slowly
09. Too Far Away
10. Get You Back
11. Hold And Be Held


trapt shadow work, New TRAPT Album ‘Shadow Work’ Dropping In June