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New Brutality Courtesy Of ASPHYX With The Song ‘BOTOX IMPLOSION’

asphyx botox implosion, New Brutality Courtesy Of ASPHYX With The Song ‘BOTOX IMPLOSION’

ASPHYX will release its 10th studio album, “Necroceros”, on January 22, 2021 via Century Media Records. The LP was recorded at Tom Meier’s Tom Meier Studio and at Paul Baayens’s The Mörserstudio, and mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann at Greenman Studios. It once again features front cover artwork by Axel Hermann.

The official music video for the first single from the disc, “Botox Implosion”, can be seen below. The clip was filmed by Maurice Swinkels of Younique Film (LEGION OF THE DAMNED, EXODUS, KATAKLYSM).

ASPHYX frontman Martin Van Drunen commented: “We actually wanted to film this on Sunset Boulevard [in] L.A., where most of the pathetic subjects of this song have their residence, but due to the pandemic, it was best not to fly over to the USA. So since it’s a fast-shredding and written-in-the-typical-humorous-death-metal-gore-tradition track, we put a few laughable elements in it. Fortunately, good old Turock in Essen was so friendly to let us film there and where we’re usually not that keen on shooting videos, with this one, we had quite some fun. Still, it is a helluva brutal tune!”

“Necroceros” track listing:

01. The Sole Cure Is Death
02. Molten Black Earth
03. Mount Skull
04. Knights Templar Stand
05. Three Years Of Famine
06. Botox Implosion
07. In Blazing Oceans
08. The Nameless Elite
09. Yield Or Die
10. Necroceros

Van Drunen previously stated about “Necroceros”: “The first recordings for ‘Necroceros’ started somewhere in November 2019. Mainly just rough ideas. We hired Tom’s studio for a couple of jam sessions so we could record as soon as we thought something had potential. We finished about six or seven songs, but after a few listenings we decided there had still quite some work to be done.

“After the three previous albums and this one being ASPHYX’s 10th official full studio record, we were very well aware that the standard had to be incredibly high. Our advantage was that for the first time we had a steady lineup. Since ‘Incoming Death’, we were damned good ‘worked in’ together, one ‘felt’ what the other wanted or where he was music-wise going. With Paul having tons of riffs on the shelves, the earlier takes and the unexpected rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak and thus all our gigs being canceled one after the other, we booked Tom once more for a bunch of jam-recordings. Which turned out marvellously…”

ASPHYX is Martin Van Drunen (vocals), Stefan “Husky” Hüskens (drums), Paul Baayens (guitars) and Alwin Zuur (bass).

asphyx botox implosion, New Brutality Courtesy Of ASPHYX With The Song ‘BOTOX IMPLOSION’