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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s TOMMY LEE Says He Shared Naked Photo After Going On A ‘Bender’

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MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee says he was on a “bender” when he posted nude pic of himself to Instagram

Tommy asserts that he was in the middle of “a motherfucking bender” during a break from MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s current “The Stadium Tour” with DEF LEPPARD, POISON and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS, when the pic was posted.

Lee uploaded the fully nude selfie to his social media on August 11, accompanied with the caption “Ooooopppsss”. It was removed a few hours later from the platform for violating nudity rules.

Tommy recently addressed the nude photo controversy at MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Sunday night (August 21) performance in San Antonio, Texas while speaking with the audience. He said: “A couple of weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a motherfucking bender, bro — a bender. I got fucking sideways as fuck and got naked and posted pictures of my dick. And usually, I mean I’m a titty man, so I like to see titties, but tonight it’s equal-opportunity night. Tonight I wanna see everyone’s dick. C’mon, pull your shit out. Pull your fucking junk out. Let’s go.” 

You can check out fan-filmed footage of Tommy’s “speech” below.

The initial posting, which showed Lee sitting on the edge of a bath tub, fully nude, was up on Tommy’s social media accounts for at least four hours, which was described by one Twitter user as “an insane amount of time.” 

According to CNN, one user commented that the pic “was on Instagram for 5+ hours before being pulled yet queer artists get banned all the time for art that doesn’t even show genitalia.”

“Girls can’t post photos with cleavage on Instagram without it being taken down but Tommy Lee can post THAT. Nah,” another wrote.

Another person said: “@instagram literally has the clearest double standard among their community guidelines.”

Journalist Lola Méndez tweeted: “So Tommy Lee can post a picture of his penis on @instagram that’s still up three hours later but a picture of my curvy booty in a thong bikini gets taken down? Cool, cool.” She also compared seeing the picture on social media to receiving an unsolicited “dick pic”.