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MICHAEL MONROE Releases New Song ‘Everybody’s Nobody’; Performs Live With ALICE COOPER in Copenhagen


Former HANOI ROCKS singer Michael Monroe has released the new single “Everybody’s Nobody“, which comes off his upcoming album, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young“, due on June 10 via Silver Lining Music.

Michael says about the track: “It’s a tongue-in-cheek tale about letting go of the ‘good old days’ and finding the things that make you happy here and now.

“A lot of artists in our position seem content to bask in the glow of nostalgia instead of striving to move forward. And since they never ‘made it big’, they’d rather claim that they never really wanted to.

“The title can also be about your own self-worth,” added Monroe. “Everybody’s at least been a nobody and that’s already an achievement in itself.”

The “Everybody’s Nobody” single is accompanied by a high-octane, feel-good video showing Monroe and his band swaggering the streets like rock-punk poets, storytellers who’ve seen it all.

Regarding the musical direction of “I Live Too Fast To Die Young“, Monroe said: “The punk is always gonna be there — it’s part of my thing and our sound — and overall I think we’ve really renewed the band’s sound in the best possible way without getting away from who and what we are.”

He continued: “I always wanted to maintain the excitement and curiosity of life, to keep that mind of a child and excitement about stuff and not get complacent, not get tired. Of course, I can be cynical and I’m sarcastic, and I haven’t had the best of luck, but then again who does? And I still have a lot of things to be happy about. It doesn’t take much for me to be happy. To be able to do what I love doing the most, and make a living out of it, that’s a gift.”

Monroe, the gargantuan, gregarious, glamorous rock ‘n’ roll God who struts and fronts it with the same power and panache he first thrust our way leading HANOI ROCKS all those years ago, does not try to be a philosopher, but goddamn, he projects like one. Throughout “I Live Too Fast To Die Young“, Monroe tells tales of glory and observed stories, some pretty, some shitty, but all through a lens of eventual optimism, hope and a sense of dirty, cheeky late-night fun. Monroe’s lens has always been directed towards the upside, even after the greatest downs a man can suffer, and the sheer power of his positive energy infuses everything he comes into contact with.

The eleven lean, mean, raw power rock ‘n’ roll songs which make up “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” see Monroe swagger the streets like a rock-punk poet, a storyteller who’s seen it all from the hellholes of Helsinki to the late-nights in London’s St. Moritz with some trashy times in Tokyo to boot. Warm, funny, occasionally sad but ultimately upbeat, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” brings the listener into the heart and soul of its creator.

The title track, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young“, is quintessential Monroe, playing with words and concepts in a playfully irreverent way and wrapping it all up in some proper ‘fuck you’ rock ‘n’ roll. A close friend of Monroe’s, Slash from GUNS N’ ROSES, throws down some lead guitar on the track.

Recorded at Inkfish Studios in Helsinki, Finland between November and December 2021 and produced by the band with engineer Erno Laitinen, the album features Monroe on lead vocals and harmonica, Steve Conte (guitars and vocals), Rich Jones (guitar, vocals), Karl Rockfist (drums) and Sami Yaffa (bass/vocals/guitar).

With “I Live Too Fast To Die Young“, it is clear Michael Monroe is striding into the summer with a triumphant — and perhaps most importantly, defiant — roar to offer you a chance to let your hair down (or up!) and to once again enjoy the freedom of joyous celebration and expression.

“We’re entertaining, we all want people to have a good time, but you don’t have to switch your brain off to dance and have a good time,” concluded Monroe. “Fight boredom, fight normalcy, fight against what you’re told, what you’re supposed to do, be, or say. It’s about letting yourself be yourself and no apologies, about having no regrets.”

At a time when fun has been hard to feel, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” is lean, mean, raw power rock ‘n’ roll music, with cracking cuts such as “Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics“, “All Fighter” and the punky fun of “Murder The Summer Of Love” showing crisp electricity and melodies which wrap their shimmering selves around some razor-sharp riffs. There are also expansive, STONES-tinged saunters such as “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” and “Everybody’s Nobody“, while the title track takes aim between your eyes off a driving back-beat with a defiant chorus dripping with Monroe’s irrepressible attitude.

“This album has a great combination and balance of songs, and the collection tells a great overall story,” says Monroe. “It has a lot of color and energy, and, of course, it is rock ‘n’ roll, but punk is also always going to be a part of who we are; that will never die.”

I Live Too Fast To Die Young” will be available on CD digipak, 12″ red vinyl, signed limited-edition 12″ vinyl with alternative artwork, digital download, streaming and special D2C bundles.

Michael Monroe’s “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” album track listing:

01. Murder The Summer Of Love
02. Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics
03. Derelict Palace
04. All Fighter
05. Everybody’s Nobody
06. Antisocialite
07. Can’t Stop Falling Apart
08. Pagan Prayer
09. No Guilt
10. I Live Too Fast To Die Young
11. Dearly Departed

Recording lineup:

Michael Monroe – lead vocals, harmonica
Steve Conte – guitars, vocals
Rich Jones – guitars, vocals
Karl Rockfist – drums
Sami Yaffa – bass, vocals, guitar

In related news, Michael Monroe and his guitarist Steve Conte joined Alice Cooper on stage Monday night (June 6) at K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark to perform the Cooper classic “School’s Out“. You can check out fan-filmed video of their appearance below.