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METALLICA Hit 1.3 Billion SPOTIFY Streams For 2021


METALLICA songs were streamed on Spotify 1.3 billion times throughout 2021, marking the third year in a row that their tracks played more than a billion times via the digital music streaming provider.

The band’s social media pages revealed the milestone on Friday (December 31), adding that “With all the ups and downs of 2021, one thing remained consistent – you listened to a lot of METALLICA on @spotify! Just when we thought you couldn’t possibly listen to any more, you went and proved us wrong. Clocking in at 112.2M hours of streaming, we were the top artist for 1M of you! Honestly, we don’t even know what to say. But a massive THANK YOU, ‘TALLICA FAMILY feels pretty appropriate right about now. Happy New Year to you all; we’ll see ya in 2022! #2021ArtistWrapped”.

METALLICA just held their two 40th-anniversary concerts at San Francisco’s Chase Center on December 17 and December 19 which were part of METALLICA’s “San Francisco Takeover”.  The multi-day event also included a film festival, photo exhibit and curated lineup of smaller venue shows featuring other acts.


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