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METALLICA Donate $50,000 To Haiti Earthquake Relief

metallica all within my hands, METALLICA Donate $50,000 To Haiti Earthquake Relief

METALLICA’s ‘All Within My Hands’ foundation has donated $50,000 to Direct Relief’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

Commented All Within My Hands: “The devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the nation of Haiti on August 14 has left at least 2,207 people dead, more than 12,200 injured, and over 50,000 homes destroyed. Loved ones remain missing, with little comfort taken as bodies are found. Yet some hope miraculously endures as survivors are discovered alive in the ruin, like the 20 adults and four children — all reported missing — who were recovered and immediately transported to the hospital on Sunday.

“Direct Relief has supported Haitians for nearly 40 years, and this history of work is precisely why All Within My Hands partners with Direct Relief when it comes to disaster relief.

Direct Relief provides emergency assistance after natural disasters around the globe. In Haiti, the nonprofit humanitarian medical organization, based in Santa Barbara, California, is working with a larger coalition of responders, and has begun shipping and equipping prescription drugs, IV solutions, medical backpacks, emergency health kits, and wound care items to responding hospitals in Haiti.

All Within My Hands is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation established in 2017 as a way for the METALLICA family to give back to communities that have supported the band. Just in 2020, AWMH donated $645,000 to COVID-19-related relief funds including Feeding America, Direct Relief, as well as to charities assisting those in the entertainment and hospitality industries suddenly without work. More recently, the foundation donated $350,000 to aid those affected by the West Coast wildfires. Finally, the foundation’s Metallica Scholars Initiative is now in its third year and has fundamentally improved the earning potential for students who become Metallica Scholars.

METALLICA and All Within My Hands are committed to running an organization of the highest integrity where expenses are kept to a minimum and are paid for entirely by the band, the board, and friends who have worked with the band over many years and are excited to help in this mission. As always, 100% of proceeds from last November’s “Helping Hands” event — tickets, fees and auction items — went directly to help those in need, with METALLICA and the foundation covering all production costs and expenses.