METAL CHURCH has officially announced that ROSS THE BOSS and LET US PREY singer Marc Lopes is their new vocalist

Yesterday (Thursday, February 2), METAL CHURCH guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof shared a photo of Lopes on social media and included the caption: “Yes, the rumors are true, it’s official! Please welcome vocalist Marc Lopes to the congregation!

“We auditioned a handful of vocalists and while they were all great, Marc quickly became the clear choice.

“Both David Wayne and Mike Howe had a very unique, irreplaceable quality to their voices, so we were not looking for a clone of either. We wanted someone new, who could embrace the past, and also bring something fresh and exciting to the mix.

“Marc brings a very classic yet modern feel to the songs and we are looking forward to getting this new album out to you later this year!

“Thank you for your continued support of METAL CHURCH!

“Love & respect, Kurdt Vanderhoof“.

Mike Howe was found dead at his home in Eureka, California in July 2021. His official cause of death was determined to be suicide due to asphyxia from hanging himself. He was 55 years old.