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A new supergroup called EYE AM has launched, made up of members of TYPE O NEGATIVE and CROWBAR

Former TYPE O NEGATIVE personnel Kenny Hickey (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums) have teamed up with Kirk Windstein (guitar, vocals; CROWBAR, DOWN, KINGDOM OF SORROW) and Todd Strange (bass; CROWBAR, DOWN) to form the newly announced project called EYE AM.

EYE AM are currently in Gainesville, Florida and getting ready to hit the studio to commence recording sessions for the band’s debut single. These sessions will be overseen by Roger Lima (LESS THAN JAKE) at his ‘The Moathouse‘ studios.

A couple days ago, Windstein revealed via his social media that he was flying from New Orleans to Florida “to jam and write with 3 talented Guys!!!” Kirk would also eventually post pics from those sessions which was revealed to be the EYE AM project.

After TYPE O NEGATIVE called it a day due to the untimely passing of frontman Peter Steele, Hickey and Kelly collaborated in a band called SEVENTH VOID, which released one full-length album, “Heaven Is Gone“, in 2009. They would also contribute to a project called SILVERTOMB which released the LP “Edge Of Existence” in 2019.