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SOULFLY’s MAX CAVALERA On Upcoming PANTERA Tour: ‘The Fans Deserve To Hear Those Songs’


Max Cavalera comments on the upcoming PANTERA ‘reunion’ tour

SOULFLY frontman Max Cavalera believes that “fans deserve to hear those songs” when it comes to the upcoming PANTERA ‘reunion’ tour dates.

Max’s comments come just a few weeks after Billboard reported that surviving members Philip Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bassist), along with ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY guitarist Zakk Wylde, will tour as PANTERA in 2023, headlining a number of festivals as well as headlining their own individual performances.

Max, who has been performing the music of his old band SEPULTURA with his brother Igor Cavalera for the last few years, tells Metal Hammer magazine about the upcoming PANTERA tour: “It’s a delicate issue, man. On one hand, yes. But then sometimes I think if it was like me and Igor had died and somebody else would carry on without us, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m not sure I would really like it. It’s a tough one. At the same time, you know, people want to hear those songs. The fans deserve to hear those songs.”

When asked if the PANTERA announcement has made him consider the possibility of a full  SEPULTURA reunion, Max said: “No. I’m good with what we did and so pleased with the reaction. It’s a different thing with us and PANTERA; I’m not sure who founded PANTERA and stuff like that, but SEPULTURA was me and Igor. But if they do it the way we did, as a tribute, well, all right, you know? I think we gave the songs justice, we played them as good as they can be played and people were completely satisfied when they came to see us. At this point in my life, I’m satisfied having one foot in the past playing those old records and another in the future doing stuff like [SOULFLY‘s new album] ‘Totem‘ and KILLER BE KILLED. I want to experience both sides.”

PANTERA was founded by brothers Vinnie Paul and ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott. When PANTERA broke up in 2003, the brothers went on to form DAMAGEPLAN while Phil and Rex dedicated their time to the band DOWN.

On December 8, 2004, while performing with DAMAGEPLAN at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, ‘Dimebag‘ was shot and killed onstage by a schizophrenic who was obsessed with PANTERA.