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MARYLAND DEATHFEST Returning In 2024; UK DEATHFEST Canceled After 2022


It appears that we may not have seen the last of Maryland Deathfest after all.

Festival organizers issued a statement ahead of the 2022 edition of the multi day event saying this year might be the last. According to festival promoters, the uncertainty was due to “the state of world and if we have the ability to put other things in our personal lives on hold to give the event the kind of attention it has always needed and received.”

Now a new statement has been released in which promoters confirm that Maryland Deathfest will return on May 23 through 26, 2024. It was also confirmed that UK Deathfest 2022 will be the last UK Deathfest, and that any non-Maryland events will no longer be held.

Maryland Deathfest will return in 2024 for its 19th edition on May 23-26, 2024.
We won’t be determining the venue format, booking/announcing bands, or going on sale with tickets for MDF XIX until sometime in the first half of 2023, but for now, go ahead and pencil in the dates.

“Moving forward, Maryland Deathfest will be the one and only festival we produce. The upcoming UK Deathfest in London next month will be the last of our events outside of Maryland.”

The final UK Deathfest takes place from September 2 and 4 at the Electric Ballroom, Underworld, and Black Heart in Camden, London. The festival lineup includes such acts as GORGOROTH, AUTOPSY, TRIUMPH OF DEATH, IMMOLATION, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and tons more.

You can get the full festival lineup at this location.