L.A. GUNS, featuring singer Phil Lewis and guitarist Tracii Guns, has released a new song called “You Betray”

The track, which can be streamed below, is taken from the band’s upcoming studio album, “Black Diamonds“, which will arrive on April 14. This will be the fourth studio album since the much-welcome reunion of the band’s core foundation of Lewis and Guns. It will follow the well-received studio albums “The Missing Peace“, “The Devil You Know” and “Checkered Past“, plus the live release “Made In Milan“, and a covers EP “Another Xmas In Hell“.

“Our new single comes out tomorrow. It’s unique in that Adam Hamilton sent me the drum tracks and asked if I could do something with it,” Guns tweeted on Thursday. “I wrote music to the drums and that’s a first for me. Has an obvious ‘Immigrant Song‘ rhythm, which is a monster thing. Hope you dig it like we do.”

Last October, Lewis took to his personal Facebook page to share the “Black Diamonds” title and track listing, and he included the following message: “Incredibly happy to announce the completion of our forth record (post reunion). Great songs, fantastic playing and some of the best singing of my career. It’s heavy and dark in places and bright n breezy in others. It’s all over the place as per our usual style. I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done but yeah I know I say that about all of them but I truly love this record and had fun recording parts on the tour wagon and then five intense days doing vocals with Mitch [Davis] in NYC. Of course the wait for it to drop will be excruciating but I’ll do my best to contain the excitement. Seriously it’s fantastic and you’re all gonna love it.”

L.A. GUNS “Black Diamonds” track listing:

  1. You Betray
  2. Wrong About You
  3. Diamonds
  4. Babylon
  5. Shame
  6. Shattered Glass
  7. Gonna Lose
  8. Got It Wrong
  9. Lowlife
  10. Crying
  11. Like A Drug