KINGS OF THRASH, the new group which features former MEGADETH members David Ellefson (bass) and Jeff Young (guitar), has shared a sample of some new original music which you can check out below

A few months ago, Jeff Young revealed to Ghost Cult magazine that KINGS OF THRASH‘s first original song was then being recorded at a North Hollywood studio. Speaking about the musical direction of the new material, the guitarist said: “It’s got the vibe of MEGADETH — it’s on that playing field, but it’s got all of its own stuff and all of our influences and some SOUNDGARDEN/TOOL vibes in maybe the music and melodies.”

KINGS OF THRASH are set to release a live CD/DVD called “Best Of The West…Live At The Whisky A Go Go” on March 24 via Cleopatra Records. The 17-song set, features performances of MEGADETH‘s classic albums “Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!” and “So Far, So Good… So What!“, and was recorded and filmed live at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on October 15, 2022. The set also includes an appearance by former MEGADETH member, Chris Poland (guitar).

When Young was asked, during a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, if the band had received any feedback from MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine about the project, he replied: “Nah, we couldn’t care less… and it’s a win-win for him. Because all the publishing, for example, on the ‘Best Of The West‘, he’s getting all that money. We’re making him money and he doesn’t have to do anything. So, we’re performing the songs because they’re part of our history and the fans want to hear them and we will benefit from that, and so will he, so it’s a win-win. How much cooler can anything be than that? So, if he has something to say about it… I wouldn’t imagine it would be very objective… not that anything he’s ever said has been objective.”

@kingsofthrash NEW ORIGINAL #3 DEMO (Day 1) – JEFF YOUNG LEAD SOLO IMPROV #kingsofthrash #davidellefson #jeffyoung #reverseIommi ♬ original sound – kingsofthrash