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KERRY KING’s New Project Is Apparently ‘Crushing’ And ‘On Par With SLAYER’

kerry king's new band, KERRY KING’s New Project Is Apparently ‘Crushing’ And ‘On Par With SLAYER’

According to radio personality Nikki Blakk, the music from Kerry King‘s new band sounds “crushing” and is “on par with SLAYER“.

Nikki Blakk, who headed up the San Francisco Bay Area’s rock radio station 107.7 The Bone, heard the new project’s music while visiting Kerry and his wife Ayesha at their home in New York City earlier this week.

On Friday (July 29), Nikki posted a pic of her and the Kings on Facebook and included the following caption: “I heard the new #KerryKing songs last night & they are CRUSHING. The world hasn’t been the same without SLAYER but, now I’m looking forward to 2023. …and yes, I know who’s in the band, but NO, I won’t tell you. Sorry Blabbermouth.net #AboutLastNight #Slayer #NotSlayer #Metal”.

When asked for more details by a number of her Facebook followers, Nikki added: “It sounds killer! I loved all of it. Not a clunker in the bunch! I think I heard 8 or 9 songs.”

When one of her Facebook followers stated that late SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman wrote the group’s best songs and that original SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo is “the greatest thrash metal drummer ever”, implying that Paul Bostaph is an inferior musician, Blakk replied: “Jeff wrote a lot of their greatest songs, but far from all of them. Not to mention, many were written by King/Hanneman together.” She added: “I’m not going to have the Lombardo/Bostaph argument, cause they’re both killer drummers, but they couldn’t be more different in style, for 2 guys who played the same songs. Personally, I’m #TeamBostaph, but it’s purely subjective. Lastly, Kerry was a major contributor to the SLAYER sound and towards the end, he orchestrated nearly all of it, so anything he does will be on par with SLAYER.”