Original SALIVA frontman Josey Scott has announced a run of live shows for this spring, summer and fall under the name JOSEY SCOTT’S SALIVA

When Josey was asked by one fan to clarify if the upcoming performances would see him performing material that he wrote and recorded with SALIVA, Scott‘s Facebook page moderator responded: “Much like many other bands who have had multiple versions of a band/brand (ie GREAT WHITELA GUNSBEACH BOYSBLACK FLAGYESTHE BYRDSRATT, etc) this is ‘JOSEY SCOTTS SALIVA‘, who performs the songs the he wrote with his new band.

“This project has been underway for well over a year now and is finally set to tour. The other SALIVA is alive and well. They still continue to tour and play many of Josey’s hits as well as their more recent releases with [current SALIVA singer] Bobby [Amaru] as the frontman.”

Josey recently spoke with radio station Rock 100.5 The KATT about the recent announcement that the band would be continuing as SALIVA following the death of the group’s last remaining original member, guitarist Wayne SwinnyJosey said: “I’m very close with Bobby and I know in my heart and in my soul that Bobby will do the honorable thing. He never hasn’t done the honorable thing. And I just trust in his steering the ship at this point, and I know he’s gonna do the right thing. And I know it’s all gonna work out; it’s all gonna be great.”

Josey also discussed his relationship with Wayne prior to the guitarist’s passing. He said: “[We were] just absolute brothers. I think there was things that certain news outlets said about our relationship, that we’d said things about each other or that there was some kind of tension between each of us. That was all blown out of proportion. We were always brothers.

“I can show you text message after text message where we would talk in the middle of the night and check on each other. And [we] always ended every text with, ‘I love you, brother. I can’t wait to see you again.’ The last text that we shared was talking about him… I said, ‘Will you come play some solos on my new stuff?’ And he was, like, ‘Yeah, of course I will, man.’ So we couldn’t have been on better terms. And I’m thankful for that.”

After Swinney’s death, the remaining members of SALIVA announced their plans to continue as a band, posting on social media: “Since the devastating loss of our brother Wayne, we have had many difficult discussions regarding the future of the band. We had recently completed an album that was three years in the making, but when tragedy struck, we paused all plans and focused our energy on supporting one another and Wayne‘s loved ones through this troubling time. As we grieved, we also took time to reflect on the joy of countless memories together on the road, travelling, making music and performing.

Wayne truly loved being onstage and he loved his fans. We also thought about all the creativity, talent, and passion that Wayne put into what would ultimately and unfortunately end up being his last album. Onstage and off, Wayne was a powerful presence in as our lives, so the decision on whether to carry on as a band is a difficult one.

“What is the best way to honor a legendary talent like Wayne?

“After careful consideration, and with the support of his family, we have made the decision to pay tribute to his legacy the best way we know how, through our music. We intend to move forward with the release of our album so everyone can hear the new songs that Wayne put his heart and soul into. We will also continue with the summer tour plans, honoring his memory every time we perform with a portion of the proceeds from each show gifted to his daughter Nikki.

“The entire music community has lost a remarkable talent, and Wayne‘s impact on the music industry will continue to be felt for years to come.

“We miss Wayne beyond measure, but we know that he would want us to keep making music and sharing it with our fans, and to keep his spirit alive through our performances.

“We are grateful for the love and support from Wayne‘s family, fans, and friends.

“Rest in peace, Wayne. You will be missed, but your music will live on forever.”

SALIVA reunited with Josey Scott for a one-off performance at last year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival at the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia.