john 5,motley crue,john 5 motley crue,john 5 joining motley crue,motley crue john 5,john 5 replacing mick mars, JOHN 5 Says Rumors Of Him Replacing MICK MARS In MÖTLEY CRÜE Are False

The online chatter and speculation that guitarist John 5 has joined MÖTLEY CRÜE are simply not true

When Rob Zombie took the stage earlier this month at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California, fans were surprised to see original guitarist Mike Riggs had returned to the band, while John 5 was nowhere to be found.

Amidst Riggs’ return after a 20-year hiatus,fans began to rabidly speculate on the status of John 5 who had played guitar for Rob Zombie since 2006.

The one prevalent rumor to rise from the guitarist’s absence was that John 5 had departed Zombie’s band to take the place of Mick Mars in MÖTLEY CRÜE.

It’s understandable how people could believe this as Mars has suffered health and mobility problems for years. He’s also 71 years of age and getting up on stage nightly to perform with MÖTLEY certainly can’t be making his condition any better.

However, after recently posting an old pic of himself with Mars backstage, one fan asked John 5 directly if he was in fact joining MÖTLEY CRÜE, to which he responded: “No, just a rumor.”

That being said, it still really isn’t that far-fetched an idea. John 5 has always been very open about his adoration of MÖTLEY CRÜE and is also a part of the supergroup L.A. RATS which also features Nikki Sixx (and Rob Zombie mind you) which really makes the rumor,and again it is just a rumor,not all that far fetched.

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