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JINJER Frontwoman TATIANA SHMAYLUK: ‘I’m Losing My Faith In Music’


JINJER singer Tatiana Shmayluk has revealed in a recent talk with Metal Hammer that she is “losing her faith in music” due to the war in her homeland of Ukraine.

In the interview, Shmayluk discusses her pride at JINJER being granted permission by the Ukrainian authorities to tour abroad as ambassadors for their country in an effort to raise funds and awareness about the war raging back home.

“We are very thankful to our Ministry of Culture for the Ukraine who gave us this opportunity to do what we love to do and play all the festivals we have announced,” says Tatiana. “We’re using every festival to raise funds and spread awareness about the real war that is happening in the 21st century, which is crazy.

“It’s hard to believe, but this is the harsh reality. It’s heart-breaking, but at the same time we are also full of hope that soon it is all going be over. We are spreading positivity and hope, and we are dreaming about peace. I hope that no other European or world country ever experiences the same as the Ukraine.”

The JINJER singer also said that the Russian invasion of her home country had made her question her faith in music: “You know what, I’m losing my faith in music. I don’t feel like I can express myself enough to say what I really feel because there are no words to explain. So, I feel like I should give up… but then something makes me go further.”

Shmayluk also added that despite JINJER‘s success over the past ten years, happiness is more important to her than fame.

“I want my band to be one of the biggest bands in the world, but happiness is the priority. They say you cannot find happiness anywhere because happiness lives inside you, but I’m learning to appreciate my life. That’s my biggest ambition, to be happy and find inner peace, and for there to be justice for Ukraine.”

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