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Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack Osbourne is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his getting sober

The 37-year-old Jack Osbourne credited “like-minded sober people” with helping him live his life without drugs or alcohol.

On Friday (April 21), Jack uploaded an screenshot image from his sober app to Instagram revealing he had been sober for 20 years.

He wrote: “20 years. I can’t really believe it to be honest.

“I can remember being a newcomer and thinking about how old I would be at 20 years sober and what it would be like. I can say it’s nothing like what I imagined. 5, 10, or 15 years felt like such impossibility when I was new, but it didn’t just happen, it came from hard work and a desire to never go back to the place I was in.

“Don’t get me wrong, my road hasn’t been void of struggle. I’ve never wanted it to be. In fact I’ve found the struggle has yielded the most rewarding moments in my recovery. But it’s been tough. But I walked through it using the tools I was taught as a young man in recovery. The things I’ve seen and done over the last 20 years are tails of fantasy and adventures novels. I traveled the world for 6 years, met some of the most interesting people alive. climbed my ass off. made the best friends I could ever ask. started companies. lost companies. made tons of tv shows. had tons of tv shows cancelled. flown in private planes.

“Flown in planes that should [not] have been allowed to fly. I’ve been at the highest levels of societal success. I’ve been the lowest place a man can find himself. I’ve helped in disaster zones. I’ve been a disaster. I became a cop and an EMT. I’ve had to call the cops and EMTs. I’ve seen 4 beautiful girls born into this mad world. I’ve been divorced. I’ve found the person I wanna spend the rest of my life with.

“The point I’m trying to make with all of this is that I’ve had an absolute adventure. Jordan Peterson said it best ‘in life we are not guaranteed happiness, we are guaranteed an adventure’. That has been my journey.

“I know in my heart and soul that the life I have lived is a complete byproduct of working the 12 steps, surrounding myself with like minded sober people, and being of service to where I can. I know I can never stop trying to improve and get better.

“For people who are new just trust me and give this your all. It leads to so many wonderful things but also teaches you how to deal when it isn’t wonderful.

“Thank you to my sober brothers and sisters. Thank you to my family. Thank you Aree. Thank you to my girls. And thank you to my friends (you know who you are).”

Jack Osbourne and his fiancée, Aree Gearhart, welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Maple Artemis, in July of last year.

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