FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer Ivan Moody recently celebrated five years sober and posted a touching video to celebrate the occasion

In September 2018, Ivan Moody revealed to radio station WEBN that he was “back and forth for a while” in his struggle to stay sober. “I’d do three months, then relapse.” He added: “Recovery, you have to be committed; it’s an honest program, and I wasn’t being honest with myself at the time. I’m very, very proud of the progress I’ve made.”

Ivan credits his friends and fellow musicians with helping him get through some of the harder times. In an interview with Loudwire detailing his road to recovery, Moody recalls, “When I was in my fifth recovery center, Rob Halford [JUDAS PRIEST][reached out to my manager].

“He said, ‘I really want to meet this gentleman, I want to know this kid. I want him to know there’s somebody out here who understands.’ When I was in this center, we got four phone calls a day, five minute intervals. I made it a point to call him once a day … That’s one of my heroes. Taking those phone calls meant so much to me, that somebody of a different status was reaching down for me and saying, ‘It’s okay, dude. We’ve been there. I’ve been there.’”

“Rob Halford is the person that I called a lot of the time when I was in recovery,” he revealed in a separate interview. “I think he’s been sober now for going on 40 years — maybe, I think, a little longer than that; I could be wrong. But Jamey Jasta [HATEBREED] — another one. Jamey’s been sober now for [two decades]; Jonathan Davis [KORN]; so on and so forth. So these were all people that I looked to when I was struggling, and I was very, very lucky and blessed to have them on my team.”

Ivan has previously revealed that he once nearly died due to an alcohol-related seizure, waking up surrounded by EMTs and his daughter. He has also been open about his numerous trips to rehab.

Moody’s near-death experience was recounted in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH‘s music video for the song “The Tragic Truth” which was released back in January 2022.



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