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It Looks Like We Finally Know The Identity Of SLIPKNOT’s TORTILLA MAN


It appears that the identity of SLIPKNOT’s TORTILLA MAN may have finally been revealed by the band’s official merchandise store which is taking pre-orders for the “Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover”. This badass neck gaiter features the mask design worn by the SLIPKNOT percussionist nicknamed “Tortilla Man, and is made of elastic soft and breathable fabric.

Tortilla Man joined SLIPKNOT 15 months ago, when he was first featured in the video for the song “Unsainted” which led to wide spread speculation about his name.  Just who was it behind that tortilla mask?

This past February, several photos were posted to the Postojna Cave Facebook account supporting the theory that SLIPKNOT’s newest member is in fact multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff who played keyboards with Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan in the band DIRTY LITTLE RABBITS.

Pfaff was apparently introduced to Crahan years ago by SLIPKNOT’s resident DJ Sid Wilson, which may explain why Tortilla Man has such good onstage chemistry with Sid and Clown. In addition, Pfaff has a similar build and height as Tortilla Man, and Redditors have found that Pfaff’s family members are following “#tortillaman” and other hashtags on social media related to the newest member of SLIPKNOT.

Crahan refused to reveal the identity of the band’s mysterious new ninth member in an interview with Kerrang! magazine, saying it was “nobody’s fucking business.”

SLIPKNOT’s previous percussionist, Chris Fehn, sued the band back in March 2019, claiming he hadn’t been properly compensated for his years of touring and recording with the group. Fehn, a member since 1998, was officially dismissed from the band last year.

So there ya have it.  Can’t get much more in the way of clues than that.  Pretty sick mask though right?