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HAUNTED SHORES (PERIPHERY) Debut The Crushing New Song “OnlyFangs”

haunted shores periphery, HAUNTED SHORES (PERIPHERY) Debut The Crushing New Song “OnlyFangs”

HAUNTED SHORES, the duo made up of PERIPHERY guitarists Mark Holcomb and Misha “Bulb” Mansoor, have released the absolutely crushing new track “OnlyFangs”. You can check it out below.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Holcomb offered: “I wrote the main riffs for this directly after I demo’d ‘Hellfire‘. Again, just a pissed off, hateful song that summed up a lot of panic and uncertainty I had over the early stages of the pandemic. I had originally written a completely different outro for the song that kicked in after the 2nd pre-chorus section.

But when I brought the demo to Misha, we scrapped it and he wrote this much cooler, dissonant groove that grew into what I find to be one of the more memorable climaxes on the album. The intro was inspired by something I heard years ago from this band called Scarve, Dirk Verbeuren‘s old band actually, where it’s not even a traditional riff that kicks things off, but more of this spastic energy with jarring chord changes and accents to make things uncomfortable.

Writing that kind of thing isn’t one of my strengths, but a goal for this record was to try and get outside of my own comfort zone. The gradual slowdown at the end of the song is something Misha and I have been trying to work into a song for years. We did it to a lesser extent on Periphery‘s ‘Masamune‘, but the idea for this part was just to go full-on grime and dirt, all while down-tuning our guitars with each repetition at the end. That outro always makes me smile.”

The band’s forthcoming studio album, “Void”, is set to arrive on March 11th via PERIPHERY’s own 3DOT Recordings label.