hardcore,new jersey hardcore,sonic hardcore concert,sonic hardcore new jersey,hate5six, Did Ya Hear About The Hardcore Show That Took Place At A New Jersey Sonic Drive-Thru?

A Sonic Drive-Thru in New Jersey was the venue for a recent hardcore show

Hardcore acts GEL, SCOWL, EXHIBITION, CHEMICAL FIX and PHANTOM brought their brutality to the fast food drive-thru on September 10 complete with moshing and decibel shattering volumes. You can check out a teaser video below via hate5six, and watch all the individual sets at this location.

The bands set up in between two Sonic menu boards and in the footage of the concert you can observe everything from a guy spitting in the singer of PHANTOM‘s face, crowd surfing, fire breathing, and even a fireworks display within the pit.

The show also included homemade pyrotechnics, which are always a safe option, right?