gwar,gwar lzzy hale,gwar the cutter,gwar halestorm,gwar band,gwar songs, GWAR Unleash The Music Video For ‘The Cutter’ Featuring LZZY HALE From HALESTORM

GWAR has released the official MyGoodEye-directed music video for the song The Cutter

 The track, which is described in a press release as “a heavy metal burner”, features a special guest appearance by HALESTORM singer Lzzy Hale

GWAR vocalist Blöthar The Berserker comments: “Lzzy Hale is wonderfully talented. Few realize she is also an undercover Scumdog who came to Earth with the rest of GWAR eons ago under her true name Clitaurus Maximus of the Maximus clan. We are delighted to have her voice and image on this work of absolute genius.”

Lzzy added: “I, Clitaurus Maximus the She Bull… hereby declare ‘The Cutter‘ as my FIRST feature in a MOTHERFUCKING GWAR SONG! Thank you so much to these interplanetary warriors for the much-appreciated bloodletting, and for giving this lil’ beast the opportunity to rear her three ugly heads!”

The Cutter” is taken from GWAR‘s latest album, “The New Dark Ages“, which was released on June 3 on CD/digital and on vinyl and cassette on September 16 via GWAR‘s own Pit Records.

The New Dark Ages” chronicles GWAR‘s adventures in the Duoverse, where the band rediscovers old powers such as Blöthar’s terrifying Berserker Mode, and encounter new allies, such as the murderous maven known as The Cutter. Along the way, they battle the living monuments of a lost cause and armies of undead soldiers who rise again to fight a new civil war.

The album concept is tied to a companion graphic novel “GWAR In The Duoverse Of Absurdity“, which was also released on June 3 by Z2 Comics. In the graphic novel, the bandmembers are sucked off into an alternate universe to do battle with their evil twins and the specter of rogue technology.

GWAR In The Duoverse Of Absurdity” chronicles the epic battle between GWAR and their doppelgangers from an alternate universe the band discovers behind their treasured Magic Mirror. The book uses an innovative storytelling technique that combines words and pictures printed on paper (made from real trees!) in a seamless format we are calling a “graphic novel.” The tale is illustrated by the masterful talents of Andy MacDonald (“Wolverine”, “Dr Strange”, “Wonder Woman“), Shane White (“Things Undone”, “Braun”, “Endless Summer“), Matt Maguire (GWAR) and Bob Gorman (GWAR).