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Ex-IRON MAIDEN vocalist Paul Di’Anno is currently recording an album with his new project WARHORSE

WARHORSE have already dropped three songs, with two of them, “Stop The War” and “The Doubt Within“, arriving as a special DVD single along with a video message from Paul thanking fans for buying the tracks which helped raise funds for his recent knee operation.

On Sunday (December 18), IRON MAIDEN superfan Stjepan Juras, who has been taking care of Paul while he has been receiving physiotherapy treatments in Croatia, shared the following update: “For those wondering what Paul Di’Anno is doing next. Paul is currently in Split, Croatia. He is recording an album with the group WARHORSE and at the same time undergoing physiotherapy treatments. He will stay in Split until the beginning of 2023. His time in Croatia is coming to an end, as Paul travels to the UK in mid-January, after which he goes on a Latin American tour.

“He successfully underwent all the necessary treatments and operations and now all that remains is a strong will and exercise in order to regain his muscles and gradually walk. Technically speaking, his legs are ready for it. What he needs most now is motivation to get his life back in the best possible way. Three sold-out concerts in Greece, the longest tour by a foreign musician in Brazil and Latin America ever, the recording of a new album and the release of a new documentary are just a small part of what follows and what motivates him to train and fight.

“His album with WARHORSE will feature a special guest musician, and he will also appear in a special concert in Brazil. Who is that, can you guess?

“To cut a long story short… Paul’s recovery and starting to walk requires constant work and motivation, so I invite all fans to once again help Paul get back on his feet with motivational messages and constant support. And I will try to make something happen after that, which everyone has been dreaming about for a long time…”

Paul Di’Anno appeared on IRON MAIDEN’s first two studio albums, the self-titled effort in 1980 and “Killers” in 1981, before being fired and replaced by Bruce Dickinson.