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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Streaming New Track ‘A Higher Level Of Hate’


FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have unleashed the new single. “A Higher Level Of Hate” off the American deathcore band’s new record “Oh What The Future Holds”.

“A Level Of Hate” can be heard below while the album itself is now available at this location.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY frontman Joe Badolato recently said in an interview with Metal Injection that the new album is somewhat of a continuation of their previous record “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts”.

He said: “Yeah, I think we found the spot where we’re trying to excel in and I think that we’re going to ride that out, but we’re also going to keep spicing it and throwing in a couple other little screwdrivers in there because we just love that. You know what I’m saying? Like, I love recording stuff with Will all the time. It’s so much fun because I get to see the ideas. He’s like I’m kind of feeling this or I like this voice. I want to hear something that doesn’t exist. And I’m sure we’ll figure it out. And so after a year of just being in quarantine and everything, we went and started recording the record, it was like that’s weird, but that’s cool. And I was like that’s fucking sick! Hell yeah.

“It’s so crazy that the whole vibe you get when you’re doing the record after you’ve been off for a year and just practicing all these new things and seeing what you can bring to the table this time and then seeing what you get out of it at the end. That’s the payoff. At the end when you just hit play and you listen to that entire record and you’re just like that fuckin’ paid off. That worked, that was sick.”

You can read the full talk with Metal Injection at this location.