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FIRSTBORNE Feat. Former LAMB OF GOD Drummer CHRIS ADLER And JAMES LOMENZO Release New Song ‘Roll The Dice’

chris adler lamb of god, FIRSTBORNE Feat. Former LAMB OF GOD Drummer CHRIS ADLER And JAMES LOMENZO Release New Song ‘Roll The Dice’

FIRSTBORNE is the new band featuring drummer Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH) and bassist and fellow MEGADETH alum James LoMenzo have unleashed the new lyric video for the song “Roll The Dice”.

FIRSTBORNE’s self-titled debut EP marks the first release from drummer Adler since his departure from MEGADETH and LAMB OF GOD.

The band also features Girish Pradhan on vocals and guitar and Myrone on guitar, rounding out a band that’s just full of ass-kickery.

The FIRSTBORNE self-titled EP includes five songs and two lyric videos. The EP represents several years of dedicated introspection and refined effort to the idea of a heavy and positive message.

The track listing is as follows;

01. Primordial
02. Anthem
03. Roll The Dice
04. Apocalypse
05. Hunter Hunted

The debut EP from FIRSTBORNE is now available at Bandcamp and across all streaming services.

As might be expected, Adler chose his bandmates in this endeavor meticulously.

Recently, Adler shared the stage across the Middle East with LoMenzo in HAIL! Prior to that, LoMenzo and Adler orbited each other for years traveling together on tours crossing the globe. The connect was inevitable.

Adler and Myrone began collaborating in early 2019 after Myrone noticed Adler’s e-mail address attached to a Bandcamp sales notification email. Adler had been a fan of Myrone’s talent for years prior and as soon as they connected, it was game on.

A chance meeting in India, almost a second home to Chris after eight visits, was the spark needed to form the international group FIRSTBORNE and for Chris to return to the studio. Adler met and shared the stage with Pradhan during a six-week clinic tour of India in the fall of 2019. After the first show of the clinic tour, Adler immediately called Myrone, noting he’d “struck gold” in their search for a singer for the then-unnamed project.

Girish Pradhan is the glue that united FIRSTBORNE. Pradhan on vocals represents an almost unprecedented international collaboration.

FIRSTBORNE represents a community. The message speaks to no one being excluded. It’s a soundtrack for all, meant to be a positive beacon in this dark time. The first single and lyric video, “Anthem”, speaks directly to this.

Pradhan had this to say about it: “‘Anthem’ is about how governments use the people for their own benefit. Instigating and dividing communities against each other, using age-old concepts such as religion, race and caste. While the people fight amongst themselves, the ruling governments and opposition play scripted hands for their benefit. Unfortunately, many can’t see that or even worse, give it a blind eye. How you speak against injustice is a personal choice. Some go to the streets while some use music and art. Injustice is turning a blind eye and ignoring the wrongs within our societies. However big or small of a contribution you make is irrelevant. What matters is that we all do our part — in our own way — and contribute to the whole.”

Pradhan is an established and well-known recording and touring artist in India and resides in Bengaluru. His band GIRISH AND THE CHRONICLES made international headlines earlier this year with their new album “Rock The Highway” and music videos “Rock ‘N Roll Is Here to Stay”, “Identity Crisis” and “Rock The Highway”.

Speaking on his experience creating with FIRSTBORNE, Myrone explains: “Every single part of this experience has been extremely surreal for me. Girish is one of the best metal vocalists on the planet, Chris is one of the most influential drummers of the last 25 years, and JLO can play anything from MEGADETH to John Fogerty to Motown and everything in between. I can’t believe I get to share space on a .wav with them.”

Myrone is a Los Angeles-based producer/guitarist who pioneered the “soft shred” genre. In the last six years, he has released seven albums and two EPs of instrumental guitar music and racked up millions of Spotify streams. In addition to his own recordings, he has collaborated with Rivers Cuomo (WEEZER), SZA, Little Boots, Michael Christmas and Deaton Chris Anthony. Most recently, Myrone was Guitar #1 in the L.A. production of “Rock Of Ages”, the 29th-longest running show in Broadway history.

LoMenzo is a veteran touring/recording musician since his multi-platinum band WHITE LION in the 1980s. Lomenzo is one of the most in-demand rock bass players in the world. His list of credits includes WHITE LION, Zakk Wylde’s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/PRIDE & GLORY, MEGADETH, Jerry Cantrell, David Lee Roth, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT, LYNCH MOB, FREHEY’S COMET and more. Recently he’s been the touring/recording bassist for the legendary John Fogerty and can be seen in the live concert film “John Fogerty : My Fifty Year Trip” recorded live at Red Rocks last summer.

LoMenzo had this to say about his collaboration within his new band, FIRSTBORNE: “I first met Chris in 2006 on MEGADETH’s ‘Gigantour’. I was playing bass with MEGADETH at the time. Watching Chris on that tour, I recall being struck by the creativity, speed and power of his drumming with LAMB OF GOD. In contrast, I found him to be a gentle, thoughtful soul. Years later, I had the opportunity to finally play with Chris, performing in the Middle East with the all-star metal band HAIL! We had a great time. At this time, Chris mentioned he was looking forward to exploring making all kinds of music. I suggested he keep me in mind. Next thing I know I’m being introduced to Myrone through a demo that Chris forwarded to me. I was immediately drawn to the music. Myrone’s guitar is uniquely untethered to any one style. He’s a brilliant and capable amalgam of classic rock, new and classic metal. Girish on top of all this had me stunned! A soaring, powerful voice that while uniquely his own, conjures images of the greatest singers of metal, blues and classic rock. His voice is a powerful, emotive vehicle to inform through his heartfelt and socially conscious lyrics. To my ear, the combination of all this musical talent is wonderfully unique and perfectly familiar. I’m very proud and excited for music fans to hear this new musical collaboration.”

Adler added: “I’ve been incredibly fortunate in my creative endeavors. From the start, I sought out the best players I could find to work alongside. It’s been an incredible journey that is clearly not over. Some things have changed. This may not be exactly what people expect from me right now, and I’m aware and embrace that. It’s time for something new. I’m have a platform to present something important, true and collaborative. Creating FIRSTBORNE beckons cohesiveness as a mission statement. This is not about being mad all the time, egos or fabricating polarizing drama. ‘This is right’ is now my alarm clock. Girish, Myrone and James have the exact locker room mentality of ‘kill ’em all! but let’s make sure everyone is okay and having a kick-ass time’ that I try and bring to everything I do. FIRSTBONE is the result of all of my experiences, both positive and negative, and I’m proud of what we are doing together.”

Adler is a Grammy-winning American metal drummer from Richmond, Virginia. Chris founded LAMB OF GOD in 1994 and helped usher in what critics have dubbed the “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal.” LAMB OF GOD’s discography with Chris includes multiple gold records and platinum DVDs as well as five Grammy nominations.

Chris received a Grammy for playing drums on legendary thrash metal band MEGADETH’s 2016 record “Dystopia”. Chris also toured with MEGADETH in support of the record while juggling and occasionally combining tour dates with LAMB OF GOD.

Chris has collaborated and contributed to records with PROTEST THE HERO, TESTAMENT, THAIKKUDAM BRIDGE, Michael Angelo Batio and Ron Jarzombek.

In 2018, Chris created an artist management firm Kintsugi Management.

FIRSTBORNE is working exclusively with longtime friend Marwan Aylouche, a Boston-based industrial designer and digital artist.


Vocals: Girish Pradhan
Guitar: Myrone
Bass: James LoMenzo
Drums: Chris Adler

FIRSTBORNE will make its live debut in 2021, appearing at several international festivals and tours being scheduled/rescheduled now. A second EP has already been completed, with a fall 2020 release planned.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video