FEAR FACTORY took the stage with new singer Milo Silvestro and touring drummer Pete Webber on Monday night (February 27)

The show took place at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon and marked the second show of the “Rise Of The Machine” tour as the direct support act for STATIC-X. You can check out fan-filmed video footage of the performance below.

The Italian-born Silvestro was just announced as the band’s new vocalist, replacing original FEAR FACTORY singer Burton C. Bell.

New touring drummer Pete Webber is sitting behind the kit for FEAR FACTORY as the replacement for the group’s longtime drummer Mike Heller who is unable to make the current tour due to “scheduling conflicts.”

FEAR FACTORY’s setlist for the Portland concert was as follows:

  1. Recode
  2. Shock
  3. Edgecrusher
  4. Disruptor
  5. Dielectric
  6. Powershifter
  7. What Will Become?
  8. Archetype
  9. Demanufacture
  10. Replica

FEAR FACTORY were forced to cancel their set Saturday night (February 25) at The Fillmore in San Francisco, California for the opening night of the “Rise Of The Machine” tour due to extreme weather conditions. The 42-date North American run also features DOPE as well as select shows with MUSHROOMHEAD and TWIZTID.

FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares made an appearance on “The Jasta Show” earlier this month and discussed the search for a new vocalist, saying: “A lot of females stepped up. And there was definitely some females in the top five that I almost chose. But it did take a long process for me to find somebody.”

He continued: “I was touring with SOULFLY [as a session guitarist] around late 2021 up till recently. And in that process I was looking for singers, and I was very meticulous, because I know how important it is for FEAR FACTORY fans that I pick the right guy. And I believe, and I know that I got the right dude. So I’m very happy [about] that.”

Dino added that he “definitely” considered “guys [who] were in other bands” but that he thought “there would be a lot of scheduling conflicts, if the guy is in another band, and then we wouldn’t be able to tour as much. What it somebody wanted us to do something like the Milwaukee Metal Fest, I wouldn’t be able to do it because the singer has another gig somewhere else,” Cazares explained.

He added: “So I wanted a guy who was fresh off the boat, new-school guy. I like discovering new talent. There’s a lot of talented people out there, and they just never get the shot. So I wanted to give kind of an unknown guy a shot, or an unknown person a shot.”

FEAR FACTORY formed in Los Angeles in 1989. Throughout their career, they have released ten full-length albums and have evolved through a succession of sounds, all in their main style of industrial metal. Over the years, FEAR FACTORY has seen numerous lineup changes, with lead vocalist Burton C. Bell being the only consistent member until his departure in 2020. Other than Dino Cazares, there are no original members left in FEAR FACTORY‘s current lineup.