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Ex-BAD WOLVES Singer TOMMY VEXT Being Sued By Better Noise Music For Copyright Infringement

Ex-BAD WOLVES Singer TOMMY VEXT Being Sued By Better Noise Music For Copyright Infringement

Ex-BAD WOLVES frontman Tommy Vext (aka Thomas P. Cummings) is now being sued by Better Noise Music, Five Nineteen Music Publishing Inc. and 10th Street Entertainment for copyright infringement.

Vext is accused of infringing upon the label’s copyrights for posting unreleased music videos and recordings without the label and publisher’s permission. Vext split from BAD WOLVES back in January of this year with a bitter feus remaining between both parties.

Most recently Vext announced he would begin touring under the name of ‘TOMMY VEXT AND THE B@D W8LV3S.’

Vext‘s split with BAD WOLVES stemmed from a string of controversial headlines regarding his beliefs in various conspiracy theories related to QAnon, COVID-19 and numerous other subjects. The singer was also was taken to court in 2020 over domestic violence allegations made against him by a former girlfriend resulting in a restraining order against said woman.

He would go on to say that the ruling exonerated him of any physical abuse accusations. Vext also previously claimed the domestic violence lawsuit was part of an “extortion attempt”.

In July, Vext filed suit against BAD WOLVES‘ manager & Better Noise Music Allen Kovac as well as BAD WOLVES drummer John Boecklin and others, alleging that Kovac had orchestrated a campaign to have him kicked out of the band.

In that suit Vext alleged that Kovac had attempted to stop him from expressing his beliefs in that regard and allegedly made an offer to buy out Vext‘s stake in the BAD WOLVES trademarks. Vext then alleges that Kovac and his then bandmates began locking him out of the band’s official social media accounts and more.

According to website law360.com, the plaintiffs in this newly filed suit against Vext stated: “Motivated by greed and his oversized ego, Vext claimed that he owns Bad Wolves and has a right to block the remaining members from recording and releasing music under the name Bad Wolves.”

The plaintiffs claim that Vext violated their copyrights in posting unapproved covers on the band’s Patreon and still continues to post unauthorized content via his Instagram and OnlyFans personal accounts. The plaintiffs also commented on Vext‘s recent decision to tour as ‘TOMMY VEXT AND THE B@D W8LV3S‘, stating: “Vext‘s retaliatory conduct is getting worse by the day. Now, he is promoting his own ‘tour’ using the confusingly similar name ‘B@D W8LV3S’ in a blatant attempt to confuse concertgoers into thinking this is an approved tour.”

Vext‘s attorney Malcolm S. McNeil told Law360 of the lawsuit: “From the timing of the complaint, it is clear that the New York action is intended to deflect from the allegations in the LASC complaint. Our complaint was filed weeks ago and this was the response. Tommy was retaliated against by Mr. Kovac and his entities, for his political views. It is our view that Mr. Kovac breached his duties and responsibilities to Tommy as his manager.”