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Drummer FRED COURY Talks Chances Of CINDERELLA Reunion Without JEFF LABAR


CINDERELLA drummer Fred Coury recently discussed the chances of a reunion with the band without guitarist Jeff LaBar who passed away last year at 58 years of age.

“We always said that it’s the four of us,” Coury said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “That’s why you don’t see Tom [Keifer, CINDERELLA frontman] out there touring as CINDERELLA. Because it’s really his band — he can say what he wants. He can say [his current solo band] is CINDERELLA, but it’s not — it doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t sound like it, it doesn’t look like it. And we always said it’s the four of us.

“So, could there be something without Jeff? I don’t know,” Fred continued. “I think it’d be weird. We always say ‘never say never.’ But why? Why go do it? For who? The fans would like to see it, but then they’re all gonna miss Jeff. We’re gonna always look over at that side of the stage and we’re gonna miss Jeff. Our keyboard player Gary [Corbett] died on the same fricking day. So stage right — gone. You look over and it’s just so… so wacky.

“So, I don’t see it,” Coury added. “If something miraculous happens and Slash [GUNS N’ ROSES] was, like, ‘I really like you guys and I wanna do something with you guys and it would be cool to do and let’s do a tribute [to Jeff]’ type of thing, sure. But I don’t think anybody has the time as well.”

When asked about the chances of CINDERELLA continuing with Jeff’s son Sebastian LaBar, who is the guitar player for the band TANTRIC, Fred said: “People bring that up all the time. He plays like him and he looks like him and we’ve all watched him grow up. He’s like all of our illegitimate stepchild. And we love the guy; he’s really salt of the earth, as they say.”

You can check out the full interview below courtesy of the ‘Talk Toomey‘ podcast.