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DISTURBED Guitarist Says New Album Will Include ‘Bigger Riffs And Heaviness’

new disturbed album, DISTURBED Guitarist Says New Album Will Include ‘Bigger Riffs And Heaviness’

DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan recently sat down with radio station WGRD to discuss the band’s upcoming eighth studio album.

Donegan said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We started writing a little bit last fall, in 2021. We got together a couple of times in the studio in person, down in Nashville and down in Fort Myers, Florida just on a couple of days off in between shows. And then we were just hungry to get back in the studio and attack it in February of earlier this year. We went down to Nashville [and] worked with a great producer, Drew Fulk, who is based out of California. But I asked him if he would mind coming to Nashville, just [for] a change of environment, go down there. And for me, coming from Chicago, it’s a nice, easy flight to come in and out when I needed to. And we recorded February and March. [We were] in there for just under two months of tracking some great ideas.”

Donegan recalled the recording process as a “a great collaboration. And I just think the hunger within the band of having that time off between the previous album, ‘Evolution’, and that break we had during the pandemic, we were just excited to get back in the studio and have some new material,” he said.

When asked if he agreed with DISTURBED singer David Draiman‘s recent comments where the vocalist said the new record is “about 90 percent heavy as fuck,” Dan said: “I normally don’t like to say too much… David likes to give away a lot more than I do; there’s no secrets with him. And I appreciate his enthusiasm and excitement. But a lot of times I’m a little bit more quiet of, like, ‘Let’s put it out there and let the fans…’ the anticipation of them hearing it.

“[There is] some heavier stuff, definitely — some bigger riffs and heaviness to the album,” Dan said. “There’s definitely some of those moments to where there’s some good old-school DISTURBED in there, some of the earlier days in the heavier-ness to some of the riffs and a little bit more of the aggression with David vocally. But there’s also those big melodic moments as well.

“We do have a semi-ballad on the album too that I can’t give away too much on that other than it was a great in-the-moment kind of in-the-studio [idea],” he revealed. “I switched gears. We had a song that we were working on that I just didn’t feel like it was good enough at the moment, so I switched gears and started fresh with a new idea. And it was probably a great idea to do that because we got a really great one out of it. But I think the fans will be pretty pleasantly surprised with some of the direction on this and very happy with where we’re going with it.”

This past July, DISTURBED unleashed the first single off the forthcoming album, “Hey You”. The song’s official music video was directed by Josiahx.