DISTURBED singer David Draiman has deleted his account on Tinder, calling the dating app “an absolute shitshow”

Last week, the DISTURBED frontman revealed that he was using Tinder to find “the right woman” following his recent divorce. However it seems David may have had a change of heart in regards to using the popular dating app. Earlier today (Monday, May 8), Draiman posted the following to his Twitter account: “Holly fucking dumpster fire Batman, @Tinder was an absolute shitshow. Scammers, grifters, fakes and phonies abound. What a colossal fucking nightmare. Deleted it. Dear lord.”

On Friday (May 5), a follower of Draiman‘s Twitter page shared a screenshot of the singer’s Tinder profile, writing: “Lol dude you see this?! I’m tagging you bc I believe it’s fake @davidmdraiman”. David responded: “Not fake lol. It’s me”. The fan responded, “My bad bro for assuming”, to which Draiman replied: “All good. You’d be surprised. It’s hard for a guy like me to meet the right woman. I’ll tell you, it’s been weird so far. Lots of scammers. Trying to figure out how to navigate this new terrain.”

Another follower commented Draiman having a Tinder profile, writing: “David Draiman can’t get laid anymore”, to which the DISTURBED singer replied: “I can get laid anytime I want if I’m willing to drop my standards, but my standards are quite high, and I won’t dishonor myself that way. Looking for the RIGHT woman, not just ANY woman. Oh. And btw? You’re a dick”.

Just last month, David Draiman confirmed that he recently finalized his divorce from his wife of 11 years, Lena Draiman.

DISTURBED‘s latest album “Divisive” came out last November. The record was recorded earlier last year with producer Drew Fulk (MOTIONLESS IN WHITELIL PEEPHIGHLY SUSPECT) in Nashville, Tennessee.