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DELAIN has released a new single, “Moth To A Flame”, which can be heard below

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Dark Waters“, which will arrive on February 10 via Napalm Records. Emerging as a brand new start and safe haven alike, the LP, without any doubt, continues the legacy of the brainchild of keyboardist, founder and main songwriter Martijn Westerholt and contains everything DELAIN is loved for and more: a sonic rollercoaster ride of catchy tunes with explosive elements — ranging from pop to film score-inspired to blistering room shaking metal.

Singer Diana Leah says about “Moth To A Flame“: “This song was the last song written for our new album ‘Dark Waters‘ and I’m proud to say I had the opportunity to write the lyrics for it! It has a deep meaning to me.”

Westerholt adds: “I’m extremely proud of this song. It’s one of the most upbeat songs on the album while also having the heaviest guitar riff, and Diana’s vocals are outstanding! It’s a killer combination that I think fans will love.”

Along with Westerholt, original guitarist Ronald Landa and original drummer Sander Zoer bolster DELAIN‘s continuity, while new members — Leah and bassist Ludovico Cioffi — continue to evolve their sound. Songs like the previously released single “The Quest And The Curse“, as well as “The Cold” (the latter featuring a real, epic choir),lure with a bombastic sound that skilfully combines orchestral melodies, epic heavy riffs and marvelous vocal performances. DELAIN magnificently manages to never lose touch with their characteristic sound, making them a constant without ever standing still. Pop-induced opening track “Hideaway Paradise” shows exactly that by inducing a dream-like feeling flirting with melodic metal guitars, while the ballad-like dark track “Mirror Of Night“, featuring WITHIN TEMPTATION guitarist Ruud Jolie, entices the listener with unfathomably catchy lines and melodies. “Queen Of Shadow” merges the orchestral and synth-focused soundscapes DELAIN is known for as it weaves melodic heavy guitars that intertwine with orchestral lines and vocal melodies. “Tainted Hearts” is centred around Westerholt’s keyboard arrangements, which skilfully showcase the creative roots of the mastermind. “Invictus” is nothing less than the magnum opus of the album — a rock opera in its own right with heavy riffing, choirs and vocal parts performed by Leah, Ribaldini and Marco “Marko” Hietala (ex-NIGHTWISH),ending in a bombastic climax where everything comes together.

Westerholt adds: “This album captures all elements DELAIN is known for — our distinctive heavy guitar riffs, massive orchestral parts, both heavy metal and pop vocals, rock opera vibes along with ’80s synth sounds. In short, this is definitely a recognizable DELAIN album that contains classic ‘DELAIN elements’ while also moving forward with fresh influences.”

DELAIN “Dark Waters” track list:

  1. Hideaway Paradise
  2. The Quest And The Curse
  3. Beneath
  4. Mirror Of Night
  5. Tainted Hearts
  6. The Cold
  7. Moth To A Flame
  8. Queen Of Shadow
  9. Invictus
  10. Underland

The new DELAIN lineup made its official live debut last August at the Riverside festival in Aarburg, Switzerland.

Photo credit: Andrea Falaschi