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DAVID LEE ROTH Says VAN HALEN May Never Tour Again

van halen tour, DAVID LEE ROTH Says VAN HALEN May Never Tour Again

Lately there have been a lot of rumors regarding VAN HALEN guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN’s worsening health, including a fall 2019 report from TMZ stating he is battling throat cancer. The site also went on to say that Edward has been traveling between the U.S. and Germany for treatment for a number of years now.

VAN HALEN frontman DAVID LEE ROTH recently spoke with The New York Times and was asked if he thinks VAN HALEN will ever tour again, to which he replied: “I don’t know that Eddie is ever really going to rally for the rigors of the road again. I don’t even want to say I’ve waited — I’ve supported for five years. Because what I do is physical as well as musical and spiritual — you can’t take five years off from the ring. But I did. And I do not regret a second of it. He’s a band mate. We had a colleague down. And he’s down now for enough time that I don’t know that he’s going to be coming back out on the road. You want to hear the classics? You’re talking to him.”

A rep for Van Halen had no comment on TMZ’s initial report when reached by Fox News.

In early 2019, rumors were rampant that the classic-era lineup of VAN HALEN would reunite for the first time since 1984 featuring bassist MICHAEL ANTHONY. It’s unclear why the tour didn’t happen, however it has been rumored that a health setback involving Eddie Van Halen might have been responsible.

VAN HALEN has been inactive since it completed its U.S. tour in October 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Back in September, Roth said that there were no plans for VAN HALEN to do anything for the foreseeable future. “I think VAN HALEN’s finished and this is the next phase,” he said, referring to his solo project.

And let’s be honest here.  Dave isn’t exactly what you would call a Soprano singer of any sorts these days yet you have to respect his diligence.  (Did you happen to catch the videos of his first performances that were making the rounds online during his Las Vegas residency?  A little train-wrecky yet reports say that his vocal performance did improve as more shows passed.

Maybe Dave should just reunite with the “Eat’em And Smile” solo lineup of guitarist STEVE VAI, bassist BILLY SHEEHAN and drummer GREG BISSONETTE for a nostalgia based tour in the meantime.  ‘Cause that would be pretty badass.

Here’s hoping Eddie pulls through health wise.